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Five Songs about Videogames and one about something else-

Sweet Sounds

Rock and Role Playing


* "Rock and Roll With The Four Eyes" cassette, Self-released on Rump It Up Records, 1994 

* "Xeroxica" casette compilation, Secret Center Records, 1994 

* "The Secret Center Sessions" cassette, Secret Center Records, 1995, rereleased as a CDR in 2000 

* "The Four Eyes Come Prepared" 7" Single, Dirty Bear Records, 1995 

* "Yahtzee Punks Fuck Off" cassette compilation, Secret Center Records 1996 

* "Swimming In The Secret Sea" CD compilation, Secret Center Records 1996 

* "Unlimited Hits" cassette, self-released, 1998 

* "The Four Eyes Live on KDVS" CDR, self-released, 2000 

* "Double Rockin' It" CDR, self-released, 2000. Combines the "Rock and Roll with..." tape with surviving songs from                     lost first album. 

* "Hat Nerd" 7" single, Sacramento Records, 2000 

* "The Official Tour Single of The Official Tour T-Shirt Tour" split one-sided 7" single, Sacramento Records, 2001 

* "Drinking About Songs" 2LP/CD compilation, Very Small Records, 2003 

* "Secret Center Sessions Volume 2" CDR, self-released 2003 

* "Rock and Role Playing" CD, Plastic Idol Records, 2004 

* "Sweet Sounds" CD, Plan-It-X Records, 2005 
* "Five Songs about Videogames (and 1 about something else)" CD, Thrillhouse Records, 2007 ?

* "Secret Center Sessions Volume 3" 2xCD, self-released, 2009?

* "Secret Center Sessions Volume 4" CDr, self-released, 2013